Hospital Playlist Review: My Fav Youtubers

I’ve been meaning to write a review of Hospital Playlist (HP) but I just don’t think I can. There’s nothing to write about! HP is more like a medical drama. It tells about the doctors, the nurses, their friendship, their struggles and basically a slide-of-life drama. There’s no concrete plot and that’s exactly the charm of HP! And because HP focused more on the medic side and I’m not a doctor nor a nurse I have 0 knowledge in this field so I’m not qualified enough to talk about it.


Because Kang Sa Ra is a Goddess

Ok, so I already have Beauty Inside (drama version) review as scheduled post, but I do not want to post it before posting all of these appreciation posts first. I already posted Kingkang appreciation post last week, and this time this post is dedicated to one and only Kang Sa Ra! Because she’s basically a goddess. Beside that, Lee Da Hee nails this role!


Kingkang Appreciation Post [Beauty Inside related]

If you watched Beauty Inside (drama version – jTBC, 2018) you must remember Kingkang! A very gentle and cute puppy that always accompanied Han Se Gye (played by Seo Hyun Jin). it’s still a mystery whether Kingkang is a female or male. Hmmm…



Choi Soo Ji, the Scene Stealer.

Choi Soo Ji, the Scene Stealer.

The Tempted trio actually (can I say this?) the sexiest trio in kdramaland. If I were to compare them to jewelry then they would have been the most luxurious ever displayed. I know I’m late to the party. Tempted ended last May but one appreciation post won’t hurt hehe. I think I’ll be posting several appreciation posts in the future dedicated for the trio and this post is the first installment of the series! The one and only Queen Bee, Choi Soo Ji. More

Why Secretary Kim (First Impression)

Why Secretary Kim (First Impression)

Finally a lovely drama to watch! I’ve been marathoning heavy dramas lately (Whisper, Untouchable) so it’s kind of depressing. I actually just finished Untouchable (JTBC, 2017) and watch Why Secretary Kim (tvN, 2018) right after. In Untouchable, not even a second I was at ease. The plot was complex and demanded me to focus all the time. Meanwhile Why Secretary Kim is such a “feel good” drama. Since it’s still only 2 episodes, everything is still rainbows and unicorns. More

Auditor and Chief Kim

Auditor in “Chief Kim”

It’s pretty rare to find a drama about finance world, more specifically about accounting. Chief Kim was a drama that let us see the dark side of accounting practices. It is called accounting fraud. You hear it very often throughout the run.

I’m currently marathon-ing the drama now and I stumbled upon a very familiar subject and profession in episode 15 and 16. Audit and auditor. As an auditor myself, I think it’d be nice to talk about these 2 episodes and what auditors actually do. More

‘Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food’ Dumps!!

I don’t know about you but I am extremely excited for Son Ye Jin‘s upcoming drama which called Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food (밥 잘 사주는 예쁜 누나). The drama is set to air right after the currently airing, Misty, ends. Quoted from asianwiki the plot is, More

Because I Cannot Move On From “Seven Day Queen”

“This place is the Queen’s home. I am just Shin Chae Gyung.” – Shin Chae Gyung

Because I re-watched several episodes of Seven Day Queen yesterday and I realized how much I missed this drama. One gracefully done drama. Beautiful both in story and visual. You will always be missed, Seven Day Queen.


Dispatch’s New Couple

Bringing these old pictorials back because… why not? 😀 Pictorials from Marie Claire July 2017

I knew something was overly sweet from these pictorials and after 6 months it’s proven that I was right. Jung So Min is always cute with her every co-star in every pictorial (heck, I still can’t get over her and Kim Young Kwang 2015 Ceci pictorials lmao. (The pics here ->  password: 2iem)

As people always say, cute people always stick with each other. Lee Joon and Jung So Min both are cute and match perfectly. Be happy you two!!!! 😀


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