“W” Appreciation Post

With ending tonight in Korea, there’s nothing else I feel than emptiness. Show managed to make me at the edge of my seat every week. Show also played with my heart and brain and I’m gonna miss it all starting next week! Let’s not talk about the plot, the music, and all here, after all, this is only an appreciation post. I’m going to talk about it all later on my review post. Make sure to stay tune and read it. Will post it on the weekend! For now, let’s enjoy this appreciation post! 🙂


Reason #1 to Love Shin Joon Young

Women are Their Own Worst Enemies – part 1

Women are their own worst enemies, study finds – The Guardian



Just a joke you guys. Review of this drama (Virtual Bride aka Eccentric Daughter In-Law) is coming up real soon! 😀

Confidence Level: Kang Sun Woo

A year ago, today, the first episode of Oh My Ghost aired!! That was the start of the whole OMG craze. Kang Sun Woo (played by Jo Jung Seok) was a star chef who happened to be…. overconfident lol.


10 Reasons to Watch “Oh My Venus”

Earlier this year I decided to marathon Oh My Venus, a drama that had Shin Min Ah and So Ji Sub as its leading actors. It’s a shame that it took me over than 3 months to review the drama when I only needed 3 days to finish all 16 episodes. I was also shocked at how fast I finished this drama. The drama was fun and cute for most part. It’s an almost perfect drama for me.

A review of this drama is coming real soon, I promise! I don’t want to just send off this drama just like that. So, that’s why I’m posting this post. My very 10 reasons to watch Oh My Venus if you haven’t! Please notice that this is 100% biased and unprofessional. I might look like a pathetic fangirl but that’s the point of this post! One thing I can guarantee is, the review of this drama is professional. I wanted to send off this drama with 2 posts that have completely different vibe from one another. One is me being super blinded, and the other one is me being super objective.  One is unprofessional, biased, silly, and stupid, and the other one is professional, almost boring, so review-like. Ok enough with that. These are my 10 -fangirl- reasons on why you should watch Oh My Venus! More

“Punch” Appreciation Post Part 2

So I finished Punch (SBS, 2015) few days ago and still can’t believe at how amazing this drama is. It’s a well-rounded drama with excellent acting from every cast and the plot is very brilliant. Almost no good person in this one which is suffocating for those viewers who want to watch only good characters in dramas. If you’re in this category, don’t watch the drama because you won’t be able to find the beauty of Punch and you’ll end up giving it bad comment.

I’ve decided to not review this drama since I have super limited time now after being a full-time worker LOL this is something that I should be proud of. But I still want to give this series a proper send-off since it entertained me very very well. So, here I am, posting the part 2 of my “Punch” Appreciation Post ihihi. Because one post for this type of drama is never enough! More

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