Because I Cannot Move On From “Seven Day Queen”

“This place is the Queen’s home. I am just Shin Chae Gyung.” – Shin Chae Gyung

Because I re-watched several episodes of Seven Day Queen yesterday and I realized how much I missed this drama. One gracefully done drama. Beautiful both in story and visual. You will always be missed, Seven Day Queen.



Dispatch’s New Couple

Bringing these old pictorials back because… why not? 😀 Pictorials from Marie Claire July 2017

I knew something was overly sweet from these pictorials and after 6 months it’s proven that I was right. Jung So Min is always cute with her every co-star in every pictorial (heck, I still can’t get over her and Kim Young Kwang 2015 Ceci pictorials lmao. (The pics here ->  password: 2iem)

As people always say, cute people always stick with each other. Lee Joon and Jung So Min both are cute and match perfectly. Be happy you two!!!! 😀


“W” Appreciation Post

With ending tonight in Korea, there’s nothing else I feel than emptiness. Show managed to make me at the edge of my seat every week. Show also played with my heart and brain and I’m gonna miss it all starting next week! Let’s not talk about the plot, the music, and all here, after all, this is only an appreciation post. I’m going to talk about it all later on my review post. Make sure to stay tune and read it. Will post it on the weekend! For now, let’s enjoy this appreciation post! 🙂


Reason #1 to Love Shin Joon Young

Women are Their Own Worst Enemies – part 1

Women are their own worst enemies, study finds – The Guardian



Just a joke you guys. Review of this drama (Virtual Bride aka Eccentric Daughter In-Law) is coming up real soon! 😀

Confidence Level: Kang Sun Woo

A year ago, today, the first episode of Oh My Ghost aired!! That was the start of the whole OMG craze. Kang Sun Woo (played by Jo Jung Seok) was a star chef who happened to be…. overconfident lol.


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