Kiss that Kills [Review]

The premise was interesting! The leads could go back to the past with just a kiss. Yes, time slip plot is overused in movieland and dramaland but no one ever done it with a kiss! It picked up my interest right away. I watch J-dramas occasionally so I’m not familiar with anyone except Kento Yamazaki (our leading male, Otaro). I’m also not familiar with how Japan does its dramas but overall I’m glad I picked this one up.


Blog & Life Updates!!!

FIRST POST IN 2017!!!! I can’t believe I did not post anything the last 2 months. My job kept me away from dramas & movies for quite some time. The worse is, the posts I posted after my “The Man Who Lives In Our House [first impression]” were actually scheduled posts. I had been busy with my real-life work and since blogging and watching are something that I do only for fun so…. I see no fixed commitment in these things. LOL.

Ok, first thing first, More

A Girl and Three Sweethearts [Drama Review]


“It’s really tough liking someone, huh? Thinking about them can make you happy, cry, laugh, angry, and upset. But love is supposed to be a rollercoaster of emotions like that, don’t you think?” – Touma Shibakasi (A Girl and Three Sweethearts)

I don’t know from where should I talk about this cute drama because I really don’t know! I feel bad for putting the review on hold for weeks since the ending of the drama. I couldn’t make time. I couldn’t get inspiration to write review LOL. But the time for me to review this drama has come!!

Just like the typical Japanese drama (that I watch), A Girl And Three Sweethearts is (supposed to be) More

A Girl and Three Sweethearts – First Half Review

Have I told you that I’m a fan of Yamazaki Kento? Oh yeah, I have. Looking at the amount of posts about him and his dramas/movies on my blog it’s pretty clear that I adore that guy. I broke my promise to live-watch only 3 dramas. I squeezed in his drama, A Girl and Three Sweethearts into my busy schedule because I WANTED IT WHY PROBLEM? Hahahahahha. Anyway, this is my interim review of Show but I’m just gonna keep this simple and short.

This contains spoilers. I’ve warned you.


5-ji Kara 9-ji Made [review]

“Crying, begging for compassion and everything else is unsightly. Do you think you can move someone’s heart by doing so?” – Takane

Not knowing anyone or anything about j-drama and j-ent as a whole has some good points I think. I become more objective in judging a drama. I’m not being biased or those sort of like what I sometimes do when watching a k-drama. But, please note that my reviews are objective, as objective as I can. More

When A Subber Does An Extreme Job

This what happens when a subber is very diligent.

The subber really is diligent.

5-Ji Kara 9-Ji Made (Five to Nine) First Impression

Hello everyone!! How’s your December so far? Mine is not being very nice to me. Well, at least there are still positive and happy things that I have!

As some of you may know, my favorite genre is everything heavy -revenge, politics, melo, yeah you name it- but lately I kind of distant myself from those dramas. Google has a new job to fulfill, that is to find me happy, comedy, romance movies and mangas. Korea drama and movie industry is full with almost-heavy to heavy materials as of late (I’m very selective now, so I don’t watch many dramas for now) I only watch korean movies and Remember and Bubblegum for now for the Korean devision. And that’s why I’m kind of “moving” to japanese dramas. It’s not like I watch tons of japanese dramas all at once.  For the Japanese devision I have 5-Ji Kara 9-Ji on my list along other Japanese movies and dramas waiting to be watched. More

Death Note – 2015 [review]

“Any human who uses the Death Note can’t expect to go to Heaven or Hell.” – Ryuk (Death Note 2015)

Japan really loves Death Note a lot. This shows by how many works share the same name and premise. From manga, anime, novel, movie, game, musical and this year a serial television joins the list also don’t forget that the 4th movie will be out next year! More