Quote of the Week

“A place where one can gain comfort when one is melancholic, a place where one can laugh fora moment at light jokes when things are difficult, a place where one can eat a bowl of soup to fill one’s heart when one is feeling empty, a person needs a place like that. A person needs people (friends) like that. That’s how one can survive.” – Shin Yool (Shine or Go Crazy)



Quote of the Week

“The biggest comfort which we can give to one another is that we are alive. If we stay healthy and alive for a long time, it will be the proof that we love each other very much.” – Shin Chae Kyung (Seven Days Queen)


Auditor and Chief Kim

Auditor in “Chief Kim”

It’s pretty rare to find a drama about finance world, more specifically about accounting. Chief Kim was a drama that let us see the dark side of accounting practices. It is called accounting fraud. You hear it very often throughout the run.

I’m currently marathon-ing the drama now and I stumbled upon a very familiar subject and profession in episode 15 and 16. Audit and auditor. As an auditor myself, I think it’d be nice to talk about these 2 episodes and what auditors actually do. More

Am I Weird?

Am I the only one who thinks that Jung Ae Youn who played as the cold-hearted sister of Kim Jung Hye in Avengers Social Club looks like Song Jae Rim? Am I really the only one? Ok, maybe I am the only one.

Woman of Dignity [review]

Woman of Dignity [review]

“Life truly is a war. To someone who wanted peace, and to someone who wanted satisfaction. A war could not be avoided.” – Park Bok Ja (Women of Dignity)


In Love With ‘Women Of Dignity’ Fashion

For you who have watched the Women of Dignity must already knew how high-end the styling was. It was truly to die for. The characters -especially women- were dressed in beautiful dresses, coats, with matching heels, and standout accessories. The stylists knew how to dress the casts because it was such a feast to the eye. Personally, I adored Woo Ah Jin (played by Kim Hee Sun)’s fashion the most. It was simple but still bursting with personality. I thought I wouldn’t need to do a separate post for their fashion only but I guess I was wrong. Since the pictures were too many I decided to have one separate post dedicated for Women of Dignity’s stylists’ high-end fashion sense!

Here we go!! More

‘Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food’ Dumps!!

I don’t know about you but I am extremely excited for Son Ye Jin‘s upcoming drama which called Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food (밥 잘 사주는 예쁜 누나). The drama is set to air right after the currently airing, Misty, ends. Quoted from asianwiki the plot is, More

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