Bad Papa (First Impression)

Bad Papa (First Impression)

“Since the past until the present, I never wanted to become a great hero for you all. I just wanted to become an ordinary head of a household. I wanted to become an ordinary hero who could make his wife not worry about money and buy everything his daughter wanted to eat and have. I just wanted to become an ordinary father.” – Yoo Ji Cheol (Bad Papa)


Jugglers [Review]


“You can’t categorize feeling into boxes, like red or blue, square or round.” – Hwangbo Yool (Jugglers) More

Miss Hammurabi [Short Review]


“If you’re trying to truly understand someone, put yourself in her shoes. You must become that person.” – Im Ba Reun (Miss Hammurabi)


Lawless Lawyer [Review]



Lawless Lawyer is Lee Jun Ki’s first drama I watched after Scholar Who Walks the Night (MBC, 2015) and it did not disappoint me. It reminded me a lot of Untouchable (jTBC, 2017-2018). I happened to finish Untouchable before watching Lawless and it’s not a good idea I think. More

Tempted/The Great Seducer (Short Review)


“All relationships change. Friends, lovers, and even family. If you aren’t sincere, it just changes a bit quicker.” – Kwon Si Hyun (Tempted)

Where did it go wrong? Tempted aka The Great Seducer was off to a great start. Visually appealing cinematography, generic but addicting plot, promising young actors, but what exactly that went wrong? More

Time (First Impression)

Time (First Impression)

Please be noted that I have only watched until episode 2. More

“On Your Wedding Day” to premiere this month!

Kim Young Kwang and Park Bo Young‘s new movie titled On Your Wedding Day is set to premiere on August 22nd and I cannot wait! The trailer is cute and fluffy and surprisingly they actually look great together. The height difference is extremely cute!  More

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