Fight My Way [Short Review]

FIGHT MY WAY [short review]

“It isn’t cool to act tough when you want to cry. It’s cool to cry when you want it.” – Go Do Man



MY SECRET ROMANCE [short review]

MY SECRET ROMANCE [short review]

“Even after a hundred bad things, when one good thing happens, it’s a good day.” – Lee Yoo Mi


Saimdang: Light’s Story [dropped]


I was really excited for Saimdang because, well let’s be honest, Lee Young Ae. The legendary Lee Young Ae would act again after 12 freaking years! Who wouldn’t be excited. Things happened so I missed the live-watch because I was very busy with my real life job and I kinda glad I missed it. More


Drinking Solo [review]


“The people you know can be scarier than strangers.” – Park Ha Na (Drinking Solo)


Food Porn Alert!!!

I’ve never thought I’d dedicate one specific post for food shots in a drama, not even once. But Drinking Solo (tvN, 2016) asks to differ. Drinking Solo served high quality shots of food in almost every single episode. It was just hard to not take screencap of the food porn. If you have watched the drama before you must remember the amount of the food porn shots throughout the drama. Hit “read more” button to see the porn and maybe you can get the idea for tonight’s dinner ^^ More

Bad Guys 2 Dump

When they announced that Bad Guys 2 would have different cast I was truly disappointed. Bad Guys 1 (2014) was phenomenal because not only the story, but also because of the synergy among the casts. They made it very enjoyable from start to finish.

But my disappointment did not last long. The confirmed lineup is looking very promising. More

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