Dispatch’s New Couple

Bringing these old pictorials back because… why not? 😀 Pictorials from Marie Claire July 2017

I knew something was overly sweet from these pictorials and after 6 months it’s proven that I was right. Jung So Min is always cute with her every co-star in every pictorial (heck, I still can’t get over her and Kim Young Kwang 2015 Ceci pictorials lmao. (The pics here -> https://pan.baidu.com/s/1bpApZGV  password: 2iem)

As people always say, cute people always stick with each other. Lee Joon and Jung So Min both are cute and match perfectly. Be happy you two!!!! 😀

Kang Dong Won for ELLE Korea May 2016

Let me catch my breath. ELLE Korea posted a picture on their instagram two days ago and revealed that Kang Dong Won will be the cover of their May 2016 issue! As someone who’s extremely hungry for the actor, I couldn’t help but squealed! At first I thought it was a throwback because it looks really outdated or is it just me?

So far ELLE More

The Celebrity December 2015 Issue

Today is the last day of October which means tomorrow November is going to greet us and we’re only 61 days away from 2016!! Time flies too fast. So many things I haven’t done this year and having the thought that we only have 2 months left is kinda scary. This year is surely my most stressful year so far in my 21 years of life but I’ve also learned a lot. I mean, A LOT about life.

The Celebrity dropped its beautiful pictorials 2 weeks ago More