Auditor and Chief Kim

Auditor in “Chief Kim”

It’s pretty rare to find a drama about finance world, more specifically about accounting. Chief Kim was a drama that let us see the dark side of accounting practices. It is called accounting fraud. You hear it very often throughout the run.

I’m currently marathon-ing the drama now and I stumbled upon a very familiar subject and profession in episode 15 and 16. Audit and auditor. As an auditor myself, I think it’d be nice to talk about these 2 episodes and what auditors actually do. More

a lil chat!

A lil chat!

It’s getting hard to write full review since lately I write review after months of finishing the drama. Because of it, I naturally forget most of the details and go with everything that I still remember. It’s bad, I know. I’m trying my best to always write full review but I have many limitations now let’s say More

Saimdang: Light’s Story [dropped]


I was really excited for Saimdang because, well let’s be honest, Lee Young Ae. The legendary Lee Young Ae would act again after 12 freaking years! Who wouldn’t be excited. Things happened so I missed the live-watch because I was very busy with my real life job and I kinda glad I missed it. More


The Empress of China

“The harem is a grand stage.  Everything you see is just an act. No one can be exempted. You can only go all out and put up your best show. Don’t mind what’s ahead as long as you’ll have no regrets in the end.” – Honorable Wei (The Empress of China)

Up to ep 28 The Empress of China is still quite a fun ride for me. I know I’m extremely slow. Few months ago I said I was at 20ish ep, and now I’m only at ep 28. A little bit about it though, drama was frustrating and not logical at some points. But the costumes were so beautiful. Fan Bing Bing looked like a goddess in literally every scene. Some side actors/actresses did overact once in a while and it’s annoying but still bearable for me.

Beside those, The Empress of China was also full of wise quotes especially from Honorable Wei. The above quote from him hit me hard. Now, let me share my interpretation of his quote. More

Food Porn Alert!!!

I’ve never thought I’d dedicate one specific post for food shots in a drama, not even once. But Drinking Solo (tvN, 2016) asks to differ. Drinking Solo served high quality shots of food in almost every single episode. It was just hard to not take screencap of the food porn. If you have watched the drama before you must remember the amount of the food porn shots throughout the drama. Hit “read more” button to see the porn and maybe you can get the idea for tonight’s dinner ^^ More

Blog & Life Updates!!!

FIRST POST IN 2017!!!! I can’t believe I did not post anything the last 2 months. My job kept me away from dramas & movies for quite some time. The worse is, the posts I posted after my “The Man Who Lives In Our House [first impression]” were actually scheduled posts. I had been busy with my real-life work and since blogging and watching are something that I do only for fun so…. I see no fixed commitment in these things. LOL.

Ok, first thing first, More

Second Half of 2016 Most Anticipated Movies!

The title says it all! Everybody loves movies and so do I! 2015 was amazing for movies. We got Assassination, Northern Limit Line, Coin Locker Girl, Sado (The Throne), The Himalayas, and all. The first half of 2016 was also filled with great movies. Not gonna lie but I’ve only watch The Violent Prosecutor so far ahahah. There are many movies that I really want to watch but I don’t have time yet because of my very demanding job in real life but that doesn’t mean I don’t anticipate new movies! In fact, I’m really excited for some movies and definitely going to watch them as soon as I get my hands on them. Those movies are:



The fact that I didn’t post anything the last 3 weeks actually scares me. After working it’s becoming more and more difficult for me to keep up with dramas and life. I’ve been really unproductive and lazy lately, my garden is the proof, I haven’t watered the plants for 4 days already gosh. My lifestyle is a bit messed up now. I arrive at home then eat then shower then sleep. My body just can’t take it. Commuting is not an easy job here in my country. People (especially women) push you really hard when get on and off the train. Besides, the train is always damn packed full of people.

Ok enough with the rants. Some of you may be thinking that I’m giving up on kdramas by now but no you’re wrong. I will never give up on kdramas, not until I don’t feel the excitement anymore. Even though currently airing and  new dramas now don’t spark my curiosity and interest which is saddening. But I always believe that great dramas need time to be produced so here I am, waiting patiently for those great dramas to arrive.

While waiting for those great dramas, I have a bunch of dramas I want to watch, you know, to give it a shot and see whether they’re worth watching or not. They are some-month old dramas. I always try to watch dramas that spark my curiosity even though if it means it take me months to even years to finish it LOL.


Jang Yeong Shil review is coming up, just finished it recently. Currently I’m watching Ms. Temper and Nam Jung Gi and also rewatching Heroes. Yes that NBC’s series. Despite of too many plot holes and stupidity, Heroes still remains as my favorite American series.

That’s all for today. My name is Red and I watch tv!

A Notice. An important one. Yeah

Just a little update guys. As you can see on the movie review page,  there are 10 movies titles that are not linked to any page in this blog even though the movies’ names are there on the page. That means I’m currently still working on the reviews. Those movies are:

Beauty Inside/뷰티 인사이드 (2014)
Elegant Lies/Threat of Lies/우아한 거짓말 (2014)
Go Lala Go 2 (2015)
Jinx!!! (2013)
Joseon Magician/The Magician/조선마술사 (2015)
My Brilliant Life/근두근 내 인생 (2014)
Northern Limit Line/연평해전 (2015)
The Priests/Black Priests/검은 사제들 (2015)
The Throne/Sado/사도 (2015)
Veteran/베테랑 (2015)

I also have tons of dramas I’ve watched but haven’t gotten a chance to write the reviews just like the movie case. Those dramas are:

Cheese In The Trap (tvN, 2016)
Madame Antoine (jtbc, 2016)
Oh My Ghosts (tvN, 2015)
Oh My Venus (KBS, 2016)
One More Happy Ending (MBC, 2016)
Signal (tvN, 2016)
Splash Splash Love (Naver,MBC, 2015)

I feel extremely guilty for that. Definitely going to dedicate 2 whole days to write all those dramas and movies reviews. I’m not a super speedy person when it comes to making review. Just like what I said on one of my recent posts, I just can’t finish one review in less than one week if I want to pour all of my emotions and heart into it. I need more than just one week. And another variable is, I’m a busy person in real life. 24 hours a day is never enough for me so for me to sit down and jot down all of my thoughts after watching a movie/drama is pretty hard. I don’t have much leisure time to sit and write a review. If I do have a littleeeeee time, I just queue tons of Quote of the Week and appreciation posts just to make sure that my blog won’t get dusty lol.

I hope you guys enjoy my blog so far. Reviews of all movies and dramas mentioned above will definitely be posted on this blog someday even though I still don’t know when but definitely going to be posted here.

Just like my banners says, my name is Red and I watch TV

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