‘Falling For Innocence’ Casts Gather for WGM ep 292

Kim So Yeon joined WGM around 5 weeks ago and has been getting positive feedback from netizen due to her awkwardness and overflowing cuteness. She’s paired up with a rookie actor, Kwak Si Yang who starred in everyone’s favorite, Oh My Ghost. 

When I first read the news of her joining WGM, I was like…”what the hell is NamooActors thinking?!”. Kim So Yeon is definitely one of Korea’s best actresses and has been in the business for so long. She’s doing great even without joining a variety show as a fixed member. Everyone’s reaction was same like me, wondering why she joined the show, why NamooActors LET her be on that show. To be honest, I didn’t mind if it was another show other than WGM. I mean… WGM?? It’s like the most hated show there in Korea. It’s a show that’s famous for getting its casts hate. No need for example, I think you guys already know.

Yes, I did watch the show but out of all of many many couples I only watched Leeteuk-Kang Sora couple and Song Jae Rim-Kim So Eun couple and I had stopped watching WGM after SoLim couple left. When I read an article stating Kim So Yeon would join the show I couldn’t stop asking myself why she did it. I was excited to be honest. She’s my fav and I definitely wanted to watch her segment. So, I found myself kept on refreshing kshownow‘s twitter page every 10 minutes every Monday.

Kim So Yeon is inviting her friends on tomorrow’s episode. And guess what! More

Yong Pal ep 13, 14 + She Was Pretty pilot ep


As always, Yong Pal sub came out very early today. Not even 12 hours after airing. Episode 13 is so damn great! Finally something strong is coming out and I LOVE almost everything in this episode. She Was Pretty started its run two days ago and I also LOVE everything the pilot ep offered me. Hwang Jung Eum is fantastic to the point I pity her for being “ugly”. Park Seo Joon is handsomeeeeeeeeeeeee. More

Scholar oh Scholar

This post is a post that I promised yall previously. Yes, that’s right. this post is an ESSAY why I’m considering very seriously dropping a drama called Scholar Who Walks The Night. See, I’m keeping my promises. Even though it takes time for me to do it but I always try my best to keep my promises.

Ok, I just want to make it clear that I haven’t watched the last 3 episodes since I’ve been strongly considering dropping this. I’ve only watched until ep 9 and it left me shaking my head in amusement because literally, everything was so funny to me. More






Update of my holiday-must-watch-dramas list + Thank You Misaeng!

Update of my holiday-must-watch-dramas list + a little update of everything

reset ep 8

My holiday is only two weeks left! Time does fly so fast. It feels it was just yesterday I wrote my “must watch dramas during holiday” post which was more than one month ago but now I only have (LESS than) two weeks left and I don’t know what should I do with my life! I have to enjoy every single second of my holiday because may be next year I won’t be able to have this long holiday anymore. I need to work, need to earn money, be a 9 to 5 employee.

This post is a little update of my holiday-must-watch-dramas list. I’m only posting brief review of every drama I’ve watched so far from that list plus a little update of currently airing dramas that I’m following plus a little update of everything that’s been haunting me since I watched Misaeng. More

2015 First Post!!


Can you believe it we’re in 2015 already! This is not year-end post/review, not a resolution post for 2015 but more like a reminder (for myself) that  I still have debt LOL. As some of you have read on my previous posts, I always have trouble with my wifi grrr. And because of it too, it always ruins my watching schedule (up til now!). That’s my first excuse. My second excuse is, I had my final exams for 3 weeks (first week until third week of Dec 2014) and it was hell!! I had to study really hard and that resulted me pulled myself out of dramaland for 3 weeks. More

ALi’s new mini album & MV + Kim Heung Soo & Ha Yeon Joo

Hello everyone, happy sunday! 🙂

So, i just watched ALi’s today’s performance on Inkigayo (141123). She sang her lastest single “펑펑”, promoting her new mini album “Turning Point”. You can watch her performance here:

Her Inkigayo perf disappointed me tbh because she missed few notes maybe didn’t do enough vocal warmup? So I searched her MV and I got a heart attack OMG. Kim Heung Soo (Night Watchman) and Ha Yeon Joo (My Secret Hotel) lend their acting skill for her MV! You can watch the MV here:

If you appreciate her and her work, you should support her by simply watch her MV on her official youtube channel. Or you can stream her songs on Melon, Genie or on another website, Genie is the easiest though.

Keep supporting queen!


Ha Ji Won’s new song


Maybe some of you already knew this but maybe some of you haven’t. Yes, Ha Ji Won released her single on early June this year! God, actually i myself was also late knowing this, i knew this one month after its released date (July). More

Currently I’m Watchingggggg…..

So! I finally finished watching Two Weeks! Finally! It took me pretty long time to finish watching that, not because the drama was boring but because i was too lazy to spend time to watch drama lmao. Prime Minister and I also ended its run few days ago and I also have finished watching it yesterday. I finished my Time Slip, Dr. Jin marathon this morning, yes that’s right, i woke up at 7 am and directly watched it lol. The review of these 3 dramas will be delayed because: 1) I’m freaking lazy 2) My classes start tomorrow which means i won’t have that much free time to sit in front my laptop for such things T_T


I’m currently watching Master’s Sun, the Heirs and I Miss You. Well… I can’t really say i’m watching them lol because it’s been a month i guess since the last time i watched them. Doesn’t mean i drop them, no, I have a principle that i won’t ever drop drama that i pick up. I will surely finish watching them three but just don’t know when. Master’s Sun, I have excuse for this one. The drama is freaking scary, i watched ep 1 and i’m hesitating to watch ep 2. Heirs, well…. i don’t really have excuse for this drama. I Miss You, I’m seriously trying to keep watching this.


Bought Nine dvd last month(also bought Dr. Jin which i just finished :)) so probably i will watch Nine first rather than finishing Master’s Sun, the Heirs and I Miss You.


And if you know good dramas that you think i must watch, you can always tell me by commenting below or mention me on twitter (yall know my twitter), whether it’s new or old dramas but pls read my preference page first. Or if you have question, go ahead, ask me anything(drama related only).


With Love,
RedLiff 🙂

Some touching and favorite scenes from Two Weeks

tw4 @

“People don’t kill using their knife. They kill using their tongues.” – Congresswoman Jo


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