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Best Drama OST of 2015

Three years into blogging, this is the first time I do year end post. I have three different end of the year blog posts, and this is like the oldest among the triplet. This is my very own Best Drama OST of 2015 yay! Clap your hands! I had hard time in picking 10 songs out of hundreds OST released this year. Let me tell you, it was really hard. My list may differ from your list because this is really subjective. If your fav is on the list let me know by commenting at the comment section below! Or if your fav is not on the list but you think it should, leave your comment too! Definitely going to help others who happen to find this page and currently looking for OST recommendation. More

Quote of the Week


“People always say that before getting married, you must think it over clearly. They’re not asking you to consider how much you love that person, but asking you to consider carefully your future life with that person, what it will look like.” – Mama Chen (In time With You)


Wu Bai & China Blue –牽掛(On My Mind/Care)

Wu Bai & China Blue –牽掛(On My Mind/Care) iagw

Finally have a chance to write a post again! This post is different compared to my other post. This called Music of the Week! I’m thinking about making this a weekly topic but I don’t think I can keep it up since I only listen to my fav singers’s songs and OSTs. I’m that type of person who doesn’t want to listen to songs sung by singers that I don’t know especially rookies. Until that song becomes a phenomenon I most likely won’t listen to it LOL. But once I love a song, even if it’s not from my fav singers, I will listen to it all day long.

Wu Bai is a Taiwanese rocker and songwriter also one of the biggest rock stars in Mandarin-language music industry. He is labeled as More

Quote of the Week

“In relationship, it takes two people to maintain it. These two people must stand in equal positions so that they can compromise and solve problems together. It’ll never work if one person’s the stones that keep giving while the other person is like the water in a pond that keeps receiving.” Fang Zhan Chen (Someone Like You)


TW-Drama, Summer’s Desire appreciation post

If someone as dedicated as Ou Chen in this world really does exist, let me be your soulmate, of course minus his over protective side. Ou Chen is like every girl’s dream guy and if you have watch 2010 TW drama called Summer’s Desire you probably know why. I don’t recommend the drama because of one and MANY other things but it’s actually nice to watch and worth it.

I first watched the series back in 2010 when one of the TV stations in my country aired it. The series’ last scene left me a deep impression and I decided to re-watch the series early this year, 2015 and I DO NOT REGRET A THING. More

Quote of the Week

“I used myself to get what i want, but I didn’t make use of other people. You can use yourself to attain your goal but you don’t have the right to hurt anyone else. That’s the basic principle of living.” – Xia Mo (Summer’s Desire, TW Drama)