Psychopath Diary [Review]

Witty. Funny. Heartwarming. Cider~~~~


Touch Your Heart [Drama Review]

Can’t believe Touch Your Heart has ended its run. It was such a fun drama (along with Romance is a Bonus Book). It was cute and funny, rainbows and unicorns. Thank you for being produced, dear TYH.


Quote of the Week

“But if we put it in a different way, the most important thing to us would be opportunities. Opportunities to get what we want.”

Daniel Choi (Clean With Passion For Now)


Princess Ari is so Refreshing

These past few weeks Princess Ari (played by Oh Ah Rin) from The Last Empress/Empress’ Dignity has been everyone’s favorite due to her refreshing character. She is surely one spoiled kid, proven by her “I’m not guilty because I’m a princess” attitude in episode 28. But, even though she’s spoiled we can’t help but fall for her charm. Especially when she confronts Seo Kang Hee (played by Yoon So Yi) and Min Yu Ra (played by Lee Elijah) ugh she’s such a boss!

For one example, in this scene from episode 36 where he confronts Min Yu Ra for being disrespectful towards the Empress (played by Jang Na Ra) . That’s right Princess Ari! Show them all your authority!

Lee Soo Hyuk Has Enlisted?!

When scrolling down my twitter timeline today while crying internally over my poor favorite group, I stumbled upon a tweet about the new photo of Lee Soo Hyuk in his training camp. I was so shocked because I didn’t know he enlisted on August 10th. Am I the only one who doesn’t know this?

He’s currently at the training camp for 5 weeks to receive basic army training. After that he will be dispatched to his assigned role as a public service worker. Lee Soo Hyuk will discharge on August 9th 2019. Anyway, when is Lee Seung Gi coming out? It’s not even 2 years but it feels he’s enlisting for 3 years already ㅋㅋㅋ

A Notice. An important one. Yeah

Just a little update guys. As you can see on the movie review page,  there are 10 movies titles that are not linked to any page in this blog even though the movies’ names are there on the page. That means I’m currently still working on the reviews. Those movies are:

Beauty Inside/뷰티 인사이드 (2014)
Elegant Lies/Threat of Lies/우아한 거짓말 (2014)
Go Lala Go 2 (2015)
Jinx!!! (2013)
Joseon Magician/The Magician/조선마술사 (2015)
My Brilliant Life/근두근 내 인생 (2014)
Northern Limit Line/연평해전 (2015)
The Priests/Black Priests/검은 사제들 (2015)
The Throne/Sado/사도 (2015)
Veteran/베테랑 (2015)

I also have tons of dramas I’ve watched but haven’t gotten a chance to write the reviews just like the movie case. Those dramas are:

Cheese In The Trap (tvN, 2016)
Madame Antoine (jtbc, 2016)
Oh My Ghosts (tvN, 2015)
Oh My Venus (KBS, 2016)
One More Happy Ending (MBC, 2016)
Signal (tvN, 2016)
Splash Splash Love (Naver,MBC, 2015)

I feel extremely guilty for that. Definitely going to dedicate 2 whole days to write all those dramas and movies reviews. I’m not a super speedy person when it comes to making review. Just like what I said on one of my recent posts, I just can’t finish one review in less than one week if I want to pour all of my emotions and heart into it. I need more than just one week. And another variable is, I’m a busy person in real life. 24 hours a day is never enough for me so for me to sit down and jot down all of my thoughts after watching a movie/drama is pretty hard. I don’t have much leisure time to sit and write a review. If I do have a littleeeeee time, I just queue tons of Quote of the Week and appreciation posts just to make sure that my blog won’t get dusty lol.

I hope you guys enjoy my blog so far. Reviews of all movies and dramas mentioned above will definitely be posted on this blog someday even though I still don’t know when but definitely going to be posted here.

Just like my banners says, my name is Red and I watch TV

Emergency Couple [review]

Emergency Couple [review]


“There is no such things as a perfect life as you live, unexpected accidents occur and irreversible mistakes are made. However everytime we fall and get hurt in life, we find ourselves changing for the better, by learning about other’s pains or by maturing a little bit more.” – Emergency Couple ep 21



Mimi [review]

Mimi [review]


“There are some things that the world gets for free. Actually the free things are the most expensive things. ” – Mimi (ep 2) More

Movie Reviews

A Man and A Woman/남과 여 (2016)

Beauty Inside/뷰티 인사이드 (2015)

Elegant Lies/Threat of Lies/우아한 거짓말 (2014)

Go Lala Go 2 (2015)

Jinx!!! (2013)

Joseon Magician/The Magician/조선마술사 (2015)

L♥DK (2014)

Love, Lies/해어화 (2016)

My Brilliant Life/근두근 내 인생 (2014)

No Longer Heroine/Heroin Shikkaku/ヒロイン失格 (2014)

Northern Limit Line/연평해전 (2015)

Phantom Detective/탐정 홍길동: 사라진 마을 (2016)

Strobe Edge/ストロボ・エッジ (2015)

The Throne/Sado/사도 (2015)

Train To Busan/부산행 (2016)

Dropped Dramas

Alice (SBS, 2020)

Beyond the Clouds (KBS2, 2014)

Catch the Ghost (tvN, 2019)

Chocolate (JTBC, 2019 – 2020)

Clean with Passion for Now (jTBC, 2018 – 2019)

Cunning Single Lady (MBC, 2014)

Devilish Joy (MBN, 2018)

Dinner Mate (MBC, 2020)

Emperors and Me (MangoTV, 2019)

Flower of Evil (tvN, 2020)

Gap Dong (tvN, 2014)

Graceful Friends/Elegant Friends (JTBC, 2020)

Inspiring Generation (KBS2, 2014)

Lion Pride (TTV, 2018 – 2019)

Miss Korea (MBC, 2014)

Night Light (MBC, 2016)

Pegasus Market (tvN, 2019)

Perfume (KBS2, 2019)

Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food (tvN, 2018)

Radiant Office (MBC, 2017)

Rugal (OCN, 2020)

Saimdang: Light’s Diary (SBS, 2017)

The King’s Face (KBS2, 2014)

The Secret Life Of My Secretary (SBS, 2019)

Train (OCN, 2020)

Vagabond (SBS, 2019)

Where Stars Land (SBS, 2018)

Wok of Love (SBS, 2018)