I learned how to customize headers for each page after -embarrassingly long time- two years into blogging. I’m so behind when it comes to blogging I think. Ever since I knew it, I made like tons of headers but only few made it to the blog. I still make like two or three every month but never set them as my headers, the reason is so simple, my photoshop skill is nowhere near expert and my edits are crap LOL. I don’t edit the photos that much. Open PS, open the image, set it to 980×200, add text, save. LOL! I don’t understand photoshop no matter how many hours I spend on it. I’m already happy with my crappy headers though kkkkk.

Someone Like You – TW Drama (SETTV, 2015)




Han Ye Seul in Birth of a Beauty (2014)



It’s no secret that I’m a huge huge fan of Super Junior, and Eunhyuk is one of my most favorites. I made this header because he looks hot af on this The Beat Goes On album photo. Oh my poor heart!!!eunhyuk-sj.jpg


Ji Sung for Elle Korea March 2015 Issue!jisung-elle1504.jpg


One of my very favorite dramas I’ve watched, Falling For Innocence aka Fall In Love With Soon Jung. If you haven’t watched it, please please please watch it!


I’m suffering from Jung Kyung Ho fever!! (Elle, April 2015 issue)

You can’t leave out D-Day from this parade. The drama costs 16 billion won and 80% pre-produced. The teasers are all available in HD unlike other jTBC dramas.

The header below is the header used on D-Day official page. I edited a bit and ta-da! Some unnecessary words are gone. MAGIC!


Jung So Min and Kim Young Kwang are a daring couple for the September 2015 issue of Ceci Korea.ceci-sept-15.jpg

Eunhyuk is love! From Super Junior‘s 7th album, DEVIL.sj-eh-devil1.jpg


The Beauty Inside (2015) is definitely one of my most favorite movies of 2015the-beauty-inside.jpg


Yoo Ah In for Giordano S/S 2016!cropped-giordano-ss-1.jpg


Not an actress but a singer. She’s the one who sings you favorite OSTs. One and only Yoon Mi Rae aka aka Tasha.myoon mirae

Lee Soo Hyuk for Marie Claire magazine December 2015 issue Lee Soo Hyuk - Marie Claire Magazine December Issue ‘15

Chen Bolin and Ha Ji Won for Marie Claire magazine February 2016 issue cropped-ha-ji-won-bolin-chen-marie-claire-feb-16.jpg

Lee Sung Kyung for Marie Claire magazine March 2016 issuelee sung kyung marie claire march 16

Jo Kwon is love! From Dazed and Confused March 2016 issuejo kwon dazed and confused march 16

Chen Bolin and  Song Ji Hyo look extremely good together! I watch their segment in Let’s Fall In Love, the China version of WGM, and they look good and cute together. I’m sorry, I’m totally head over heels for them.sjh cbl wgm china

The very first Japanese stars in this header list! Kiritani Mirei and Yamazaki Kento just look good together!a-girl-and-three-sweethearts-2016

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