Princess Ari is so Refreshing

These past few weeks Princess Ari (played by Oh Ah Rin) from The Last Empress/Empress’ Dignity has been everyone’s favorite due to her refreshing character. She is surely one spoiled kid, proven by her “I’m not guilty because I’m a princess” attitude in episode 28. But, even though she’s spoiled we can’t help but fall for her charm. Especially when she confronts Seo Kang Hee (played by Yoon So Yi) and Min Yu Ra (played by Lee Elijah) ugh she’s such a boss!

For one example, in this scene from episode 36 where he confronts Min Yu Ra for being disrespectful towards the Empress (played by Jang Na Ra) . That’s right Princess Ari! Show them all your authority!


“What’s the big deal if your dream changes? No one is going to criticize you.” – Han Se Gye (Beauty Inside)


Quote of the Week

“You never know when someone’s beside you. You believe they’ll always be by your side. But there’s nothing that stays by your side forever. Even your parents.”

Gil O Sol (Clean with Passion for now)



“People of our nation tend to have a lot of anger, and are hot tempered. They’re psychologically pent up, so they act out easily. They’re emotionally anxious. Also, they tend to think that people are looking down on them.” – Branch Manager Cha (Familiar Wife)


Quote of the Week

“Living as an adult is tough for anyone. Don’t carry all that weight on your own and ask for a shoulder.”

Daniel Choi (Clean With Passion For Now)

Because Kang Sa Ra is a Goddess

Ok, so I already have Beauty Inside (drama version) review as scheduled post, but I do not want to post it before posting all of these appreciation posts first. I already posted Kingkang appreciation post last week, and this time this post is dedicated to one and only Kang Sa Ra! Because she’s basically a goddess. Beside that, Lee Da Hee nails this role!




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