Mr. Queen/Queen Cheorin [Review]


Dropped Dramas in 2020 Roundup


The Last Empress [Drama Review]

“Humans can be scarier than ghosts.”

Oh Sunny (The Last Empress)

Pride and Prejudice [review]

Pride and Prejudice [review]

“Just because you’re happy doesn’t mean sadness leaves you.” Koo Dong Chi [Pride and Prejudice]

Let’s start this post with questions. My first question is, why do prosecutors run here and there gathering proofs where there are troops of cops they can call any time? Maybe Korea law system is different compared to my county law system but still, I don’t understand why Do Chi and gang did everything on their own. Even they summoned and caught the criminals themselves.

My second question, what or who was Hwa Young?

Pride and Prejudice bid their goodbye without answering these questions of mine. Well, not their fault, it’s my fault for not paying my full attention. This is why I don’t like having to wait one week for the new episode because I’m not really good with storing information lmao! More

Pride and Prejudice OST part 4 download

Ah… I seriously cannot keep up with all these OST releases More

Emergency Couple [review]

Emergency Couple [review]


“There is no such things as a perfect life as you live, unexpected accidents occur and irreversible mistakes are made. However everytime we fall and get hurt in life, we find ourselves changing for the better, by learning about other’s pains or by maturing a little bit more.” – Emergency Couple ep 21



“Hyung, why you really hate me?” – The Heirs ep 14

Hay i’m back! i dont know why i’m doing this, I’m super lazy when it comes to screencap-ing dramas that i watch at the moment but i guess the Heirs is one of the exceptions? kkkk. I’m back with more caps from ep 14. Not from all scenes.


You Look Poor – the Heirs ep 13

I DIDNT EXPECT THE HEIRS WOULD BE THIS EXCITING. I was hesitating /really hesitating/ watching this at first because of the cheap storyline then after watching 2 eps i thought i could finish this drama. I just hope i won’t drop this lol

i love the outfits throughout the show so far, rly display how chaebols dress themselves up. But what’s up with Park Shin Hye (Eun Sang)’s outfits? She supposed to be a poor girl right? But i see half of her outfits are pretty expensive.