Are You Ready for Choi Siwon, guys????

Choi Siwon has just discharged on 3 days ago, which is August 18th, but he’s already confirmed for the upcoming tvN drama called Revolutionary Love aka Byun Hyuk’s Love. So far only the leads have been confirmed. They are Choi Siwon and Kang Sora woohooooooooo! More

Kim Shin Hyuk Galore


Just another Kim Shin Hyuk of She Was Pretty (played by Choi Siwon) post. He’s currently serving as a police to fulfill his job as a man of South Korea (534 days left!!). It’s great though that when holidays come his friends and family always keep us updated with his condition and photos. It’s super nice seeing him with army/police attire. It always reminds me that he is actually serving the nation because he is always all over the news lol

Him and his dog, Bugsy. First uploaded to the internet on 29th Dec, 2015

This is another She Was Pretty appreciation post. I loved the show very much and Siwon benefited the most from the show, that’s true. And this is KIM SHIN HYUK DERP AND TROLL SPECIAL POSTTTTTTTT


That’s Not How I Look Like – Shin Hyuk Protests

Shin Hyuk (play be Choi Siwon) bid his last goodbye to the viewer in the Most-like way in the drama She Was Pretty as when he walked down the street and he happened to see a banner of himself dressed as TEN and…

That’s not how you look like in real life, Siwon, because you look like this:

Either way, Choi Siwon is a handsome man who happens to steal millions of women’s heart. D-566 of waiting! Aug 18 2017, come faster!!


Heart Attack Oppas (2015)

The second year end post is hereeeeeeeeeeeeee. This post is dedicated to all handsome, charming, hot af, heart-throbbing male actors who graced the small screen in 2015!!!! I had a very very very great time while writing this post. Just like the previous year end post which is Best OST of 2015, I had a hard time picking only the best oppas to make it to the final post. There are just so many great actors this year. And what made it even harder was, everyone is so handsome T_T My fangirl soul is awakened after so long. More

Because Siwon is…..

A post dedicated to this oppa who’s currently serving in the army and will be back on Aug 18, 2017. And also, guess what? The first appreciation post of She Was Pretty!!