Joseon Gunman [review]

Joseon Gunman/Gunman in Joseon[review]


AGHHHHH I still cannot believe that Joseon Gunman ended its run 2 weeks ago!!! The drama originally was only 20-episode drama but their PD extended 2 eps, making it 22-episode drama. The drama that placed #1 from beginning to end, the incredible Joseon Gunman.  More

Ha Ji Won’s new song


Maybe some of you already knew this but maybe some of you haven’t. Yes, Ha Ji Won released her single on early June this year! God, actually i myself was also late knowing this, i knew this one month after its released date (July). More

Empress Ki [review]

Empress Ki [review]

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“Uneasiness will become frustration. Frustration will soon become hatred.” – Wang Yu


My Love From Another Star OST download

My Love From Another Stars aka You Who Came From Stars ended has come to an end. It created such a phenomenon in Asia especially in China. The two leads landed many CFs after that too, oh well Jun Ji Hyun is always a CF queen alongside the fabulous Kim Yuna. If you want to download all tracks from the drama, then you have found the right place!

DL here -> (4shared link)
Re-up by me, RedLiff.


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Jang Ok Jung, Lives in Love – Review

Jang Ok Jung, Living by Love Review


First of all, I wanna say these things:


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