Am I The Only One Who Hasn’t Moved On?


It seems hard for me to move on from Falling for Innocence this explains why i still go to tumblr everyday and check whether there’s a new post under the Falling for Innocence tag or not. I know that i previously promised to post two or more appreciation posts following this post and i don’t forget that guys. I know it’s been one month already but i’m going to keep my promise More

Falling For Innocence [review]


“Whoever it is or whatever situation it is, if you keep making excuses to be around that person, that is love.” – Doctor Cho (Falling for Innocence)

Gah! My fav dramas ended their run last week, The Girl Who Sees Smell then Falling for Innocence on Saturday and another one, Someone Like You ended its run on Monday. I have no idea what dramas should I watch next week tbh. This review should have been posted on Monday (25/05) but things happened. I’m a busy college student *bragging my college student title*.

For those who are looking for a perfect drama, I recommend you this drama. Falling for Innocence aka Falling for Soon Jung is a perfect drama for everyone. It has romance, it has mystery, it has comedy, it has revenge and all. My opening sucks right? Okay, let’s just skip this and let’s review this drama right away!


Love Is In The Air on the 15th ep of Falling For Innocence

Hell yeah, it’s Saturday Night. We (are) gonna party hajikeru gokan. *me shamelessly promoting Super Junior D&E’s Saturday Night* *I’m such a hardcore fan* *promoting oppas’ song in every possible way*

It’s saturday night, the night full with love. And love is in the air on the 15th ep of Falling For Innocence aka Falling For Soon Jung aka Beating Again. It felt like a year waiting for the english subtitle of ep 15. I waited since 5 am this morning for the english subtitle but the sub came out in the evening. Can you imagine my suffering? Anyway, since it came out already i’m so happy.

Ep 15 is filled with so much romantic, fluffy scenes! And I’m happy! No, I’m really happy! Extremely happy! After all what our OTP have faced finally they’are back together, stronger than ever. More