Be Melodramatic/Melo is my Nature (Review)

My journey as a kdrama fan is one long journey. I gravitated towards heavy dramas several years back maybe because I just grew up and was curious about many things. Kdrama on the other hands, helped to introduced me to those things I was curious about. Kdramas which are thriller, procedural, crime – those type of genres, require you to think and remember many little details. That’s what made me first fell in love with these genres. Until this day, I still highly enjoy those genres and prioritize them on my to-watch list.

As I get older I appreciate slice of life dramas more because they’re realistic and sometimes console me. Well, as I get older I’ve got to experience new things. I keep only the good memories. When I’m not at my best condition (emotionally or physically) I reminisce those good memories to pick myself up again. South Korea’s slice-of-life dramas are packaged in the most humble way that when the drama has a similar vibe/activity/moments with what I myself have experienced before, can’t help but recalling my very own memories of it.


Quote of the Week

“If you keep crying, you will have more things to cry about. If you keep smiling, you will have more things to smile about.” – Jin Gong Myung (Drinking Solo)


Drinking Solo [review]


“The people you know can be scarier than strangers.” – Park Ha Na (Drinking Solo)