Dropped Dramas in 2020 Roundup


The Time I’ve Loved You [review]


 “You should never try to glue back shattered pots again. It’s going to crack in exact places you’ve glued together.” – Na Young (The Time We Were Not In Love)

I feel guilty for not live-watching The Time I’ve Loved You aka The Time We Were Not In Love (going to refer it “The Time” for the rest of this post) because I was in the middle of my internship when the drama was airing. For those who are following my twitter or read my posts before August probably already know how tiring it was. I was very tired on weekdays so I couldn’t watch any drama at all except on weekends.

But hey my internship ended a month ago and I have all the time in the world to marathon all those dramas I missed. The first drama that I marathoned was The Time and I finished it in just a week! It’s considered fast since I also have classes to attend in the morning-afternoon, piles of presentation to work on, and a lot of house chores.

I swear to God I LOVED the show guys. I enjoyed thoroughly every episode of The Time and sad that I’ve finished it already. Ha Ji Won alone already piqued my interest then they added Lee Jin Wook and also the fact that The Time is Korean version of In Time With You (called as “With You” for the rest of this post), one of my fav dramas. I LOVED the show, really did. But if you keep reading my review you’re going to question whether I loved it or not here I tell you the reason before you’re asking me, I LOVED the show. I really LOVED The Time. Really! More

A Scene To Love


“So we can remember it as a love that made our hearts flutter.” Ahhhh… This is one of the most beautiful break up scenes in kdramaland. I knooooooooooow. Break ups hurt. When you love someone then you realize you have to let him/her go, it hurts as hell. But I love this scene More

A Scene To Love!


I’m starting a brand new category on my blog called “A Scene To Love“. Basically I post about a scene that I like from a drama that I’m currently watching or I have watched. It can be a touching scene, funny scene, romantic scene, or even action scene. The range for A Scene To Love is very wide. Any scene is qualified to be featured on this topic.

Our very first official A Scene To Love scene is a scene from The Time We Were Not In Love aka The Time I’ve Love You, a drama that I More

What Do We Have In Market?

What do we have in market? So many currently airing dramas that has my eyes on them because either I just like them or the positive comments they have. I have a hard time picking a drama to watch because there are so many dramas but so little time.

I have 6 dramas that I’m really interested in and a little update of my watching list <3. Now, shall we? More

Ha Ji Won’s new song


Maybe some of you already knew this but maybe some of you haven’t. Yes, Ha Ji Won released her single on early June this year! God, actually i myself was also late knowing this, i knew this one month after its released date (July). More

Empress Ki [review]

Empress Ki [review]

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“Uneasiness will become frustration. Frustration will soon become hatred.” – Wang Yu