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“You can choose who you want to love, but family is forever.” – Jia En’s father (In A Good Way)


Wu Bai & China Blue –牽掛(On My Mind/Care)

Wu Bai & China Blue –牽掛(On My Mind/Care) iagw

Finally have a chance to write a post again! This post is different compared to my other post. This called Music of the Week! I’m thinking about making this a weekly topic but I don’t think I can keep it up since I only listen to my fav singers’s songs and OSTs. I’m that type of person who doesn’t want to listen to songs sung by singers that I don’t know especially rookies. Until that song becomes a phenomenon I most likely won’t listen to it LOL. But once I love a song, even if it’s not from my fav singers, I will listen to it all day long.

Wu Bai is a Taiwanese rocker and songwriter also one of the biggest rock stars in Mandarin-language music industry. He is labeled as More

Monthly Review – March 2015

Very First Post on March 2015!!!

 Shoot!! Time flies so fast! It’s March already! It feels like it’s 2014 yesterday! Oh well, how are you guys? I’ve been fine, and thankfully I’m still sane LOL. This semester my college started with a bang and I’m enjoying it so far, and I know I’ll be enjoying this semester until the end /hopefully/

Last year I started this topic, which is Monthly Review but after the first post I didn’t feel like doing the second post and only yesterday I decided to continue this topic again. Writing has been my passion ever since I could remember and it’s so much fun writing and posting something to this blog knowing that, maybe, a bunch of people who share the same interest with me enjoy reading my posts. More

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