Leverage [review]

A rather light drama in this genre. The last drama that shared the same genre with Leverage that I watched was The Player (OCN, 2018) which I didn’t enjoy 100%. That’s why when I went into Leverage I had very low expectation. I had a feeling Leverage would let me down somehow but oh boy I was wrong. Leverage turned out to be a great drama. I finished watching it and found myself wanting for more.


Woman With A Suitcase [review]


“When you want a lot of thing, you can be scary.” – Ham Bok Geo

Since drama was labeled as law drama, I came to it expecting it to be heavy and complex. But I should have known to not put my hopes too high when there was going to be love line in the script. The drama’s focus was divided between the law cases and the romance which ended up with the story not being exploited to its best potential. Maybe Woman With A Suitcase first intention was never to be one heavy drama. They did try to balance the law aspect with the flirting and all but when you looked at it as one big picture, it just didn’t work. More