My Secret Hotel [review]

My Secret Hotel [review]


Happy November guys!! Can you believe it, that 2014 is going to end in just 2 months?! Time sure flies really fast.

I’m extremely sorry for the lack of update and review (Quote of the Week posts are queued posts so they don’t count), I was busy with exams so my watching schedule messed up. Then once my exams finished, my wifi died what the hell! Resulting me couldn’t keep up with everything, literally everything. Me posting this doesn’t mean my wifi has been back to its normal state, nope, it’s still acting up. Today it’s on tomorrow it’s dead without any reason then the next day it’s on then it’s dead then on then it’s dead and keep going like that.

Yes, I missed out My Secret Hotel and Night Watchman’s final episode and I’m sorry for that. I only  managed to finish My Secret Hotel two days ago and still not being able to watch Night Watchman but I promise to finish it before Nov 10th. So, because I’ve finished My Secret Hotel let’s discuss it now ^^

“I won’t come back again, until you want me to.” – Goo Hye Young


Jin Yi Han in A New Leaf [ep 12-14]

hi!!! So, President Election is coming real fast and i’m here all scared because we only have two candidates let’s name them candidate X and candidate Z. This year’s election is no joke. No matter how much i hate my country (for our “ministers” who do corruption endlessly) but i actually love this country and just want some peace here. Oh well… let’s just forget it for awhile and enjoy the offers kdramaland give us ^^

I’m back with more caps of Jin Yi Han in A New Leaf. Apparently the episodes got cut down from 20 to 18. Oh well, we all know why. A New Leaf is a total failure compare to its two competitors. I always skip the whole thing and only watch Jin Yi Han’s part lol i’m not sorry. 4 episodes left yay i just cannot wait until A New Leaf ends its run. Fated to Love You will replace it, i watched the teaser and it’s all fluffy awwwww. Can’t wait. More

Empress Ki [review]

Empress Ki [review]

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“Uneasiness will become frustration. Frustration will soon become hatred.” – Wang Yu


Jin Yi Han on A New Leaf (ep 8-10) ♥♥♥

Heyyy i’m back with another Jin Yi Han caps on A New Leaf! So apparently on wednesday (0611) on episode 11 Jin Yi Han had NO SCENE AT ALL gaaah. I will never get used to this. and i’m hoping that on ep 12 -which already aired last night on MBC- he has more screen time. Fingers crossed.


I promised that i would watch this drama full without skipping any scene on my last post right? Apparently… i still couldnt do it. I watched ep 11 around 15 mins though but it was already hard lol. So i’m taking back my promise, i don’t promise to watch the drama FULL without skipping. More

Jin Yi Han on A New Leaf (ep 1-7) ♥♥♥

Hi guys!! I know that since last month i just don’t keep up with everything, i don’t even post “Quote of the Week” regularly and i feel sorry for that. I’ve been bad and lazy /i blame myself/. I promise i’ll be more diligent from now on and post regularly, i promise 😀


Sooooooooooo, 4 weeks ago A New Leaf joined “Wed-Thus 21:55” war, up against You’re All Surrounded and Golden Cross. I, without, hesitation gave it a shot because Kim Sang Joong is one of the main casts /we all know how great his performance is/.

ep 1 (1)

The next sentences will probably hurt you if you’re a big supporter of this drama but let me say this first, do NOT ATTACK ME. I got hate messages and mentions on twitter regarding my critics to Angel Eyes (only because i don’t watch it because of the casts). So, are we cool? If yes, then you may continue reading. More

Time Slip, Dr. Jin [review]

Time Slip, Dr. Jin Review


“No matter where we are, people’s anger, happiness and pleasure are all the same” – Dr. Jin