Birth of a Beauty [review]

Birth of a Beauty [review]

“A tree that overcame being split is so strong it’s hard to saw it down. People are like that too. People who overcame pain are strong.” – Han Tae Hee (Birth of a Beauty)

Ahjumma is damn pretty and that makes three men go crazy over her and she gets a bad bad bad headache because of that. /sighs/ Being pretty is difficult.

What an opening words I write there! But this is the reality of our generation. Being ugly is a crime and being pretty is also a crime. What do people notice/see when they’re meeting someone new? Appearance! That’s right. So that’s why we –especially women-  pay most of our attention to improve our look/appearance so that we can leave deep impression when meeting new people. Just like the first episode of Birth of a Beauty shows, our society is cruel enough to ignore someone who doesn’t look “pretty” even when she needs help (remember the bus scene?). But this doesn’t apply to everyone, I’m just taking an example. More

Dropped Dramas as of 140401

So, recently i learned how to drop a drama! HAHAHAHHA This whole time i always watch every drama that i pick but recently with everything that’s going on with my life and my limited time i apparently drop dramas. So below are dramas that i dropped recently and why i dropped them.


Good Doctor [Review]

Good Doctor [Review]

After days struggling to sit myself in front of my computer to write this review, FINALLY i managed to somehow force myself to sit and write this post. FINALLLLYYYYYY. I’m a lazy watch-er, even a lazier recap-er. All posts you see on this wordpress are my hardwork forcing myself to sit and write and post those, so please appreciate them. I finished watching Good Doctor in… mmmm… one month? I told you, I’m a lazy watch-er lol. It took like 10 days for me since i finished watching it to post this recap.


After mediocre rating of the previous dramas on the same time slot, KBS finally rose to #1 for mon tue 21:55 slot with Good Doctor! This drama is like grip of our lives, inspiring and heartwarming. Definitely not a depressing drama /most of medical dramas are depressing lol/. So, shall we start the recap? ^^

good doctor