A Visitor. “Meeting someone in life is actually something astonishing. That’s because he brings himself with his past, his present, and his future. That’s because someone’s whole life comes along.”
(Poem Collection: The Island)


Dispatch’s New Couple

Bringing these old pictorials back because… why not? ūüėÄ Pictorials from Marie Claire July 2017

I knew something was overly sweet from these pictorials and after 6 months it’s proven that I was right.¬†Jung So Min¬†is always cute with her every co-star in every pictorial (heck, I still can’t get over her and¬†Kim Young Kwang¬†2015 Ceci pictorials lmao. (The pics here ->¬† password: 2iem)

As people always say, cute people always stick with each other. Lee Joon¬†and Jung So Min both are cute and match perfectly.¬†Be happy you two!!!! ūüėÄ

D-Day [review]


“It’s not the vital monitor that pronounces death. It is a doctor who gives up on his patient. As long as you won’t give up. think the patient is still alive. ” Lee Hae Sung (D-Day)

D-Day¬†is definitely a great show to watch especially if you’re looking for something fresh. It’s a very well done drama especially in cinematography aspect, characters development and intriguing conflict. I loved the chemistry among the casts and everyone did a fantastic job. The drama¬†is also one of my fav dramas this year. I hope you guys know it by just looking at the amount of posts related to this disaster-medical drama on the blog. I also have 3 different headers of this drama that you can see on the header page. More

‘D-Day’ First Impression (ep 1 & 2)

A 16-billion won drama surely looks different compare to other dramas. It’s also 80% pre-produced. When ep 1 aired they’ve filmed up to ep 15. ¬†At first I thought the show would be a generic medical show with some action in it¬†until I knew it’s actually a disaster show. It’s really rare for such genre to hit small screen since it costs a lot. I was worried for¬†Kim¬†Young Kwang¬†and¬†Jung So Min¬†because¬†I thought with 16 billion won they surely could cast better actors but so far, they are nailing their roles! The drama is stellar and on different level.¬†I’ve only watch 2 eps so far but¬†I’m loving everything and can’t wait to watch D-Day¬†until its last ep.

In ep 1 we’re introduced to all characters and they’re slowing building up the atmosphere. We get to¬†see the nature of every¬†characters. As for the lead male, Lee Hae Sung, he’s a stubborn doctor who puts patients’ lives as top priority. This gives him bad relationship with others and also penalties and lawsuits are his best friends. And he loves to sleep!