“If I live for a year, that means I love you for a year. If I live for 10 years, I love for 10 years. If I live 100 years, does that mean I love you for 100 years? We do not have to be together. But if we love each other, staying alive itself is the proof that we love each other.” King Jungjong (Seven Day Queen)


Update of my holiday-must-watch-dramas list + Thank You Misaeng!

Update of my holiday-must-watch-dramas list + a little update of everything

reset ep 8

My holiday is only two weeks left! Time does fly so fast. It feels it was just yesterday I wrote my “must watch dramas during holiday” post which was more than one month ago but now I only have (LESS than) two weeks left and I don’t know what should I do with my life! I have to enjoy every single second of my holiday because may be next year I won’t be able to have this long holiday anymore. I need to work, need to earn money, be a 9 to 5 employee.

This post is a little update of my holiday-must-watch-dramas list. I’m only posting brief review of every drama I’ve watched so far from that list plus a little update of currently airing dramas that I’m following plus a little update of everything that’s been haunting me since I watched Misaeng. More

Bad Guys [review]

Bad Guys [review]


“True happiness is that, when you’re happy it makes others around you happy as well. That’s how you should be as a human.” – Oh Gu Tak (Bad Guys)

OCN’s Bad Guys ended its run last month (13 December 2014) and easily snatched #1 crown of best release in 2014 on my list! Undoubtedly, one of the best dramas ever produced!

Badass ahjussis + strong plot + fab cinematography and details = what else can you ask for! Bad Guys is sending other dramas with same/similar genre as them a Christmas card with “Shame On You” word written on it. And their contenders shouldn’t get mad because they are nothing compared to Bad Guys. The intensity of this drama didn’t falter one bit and kept you on edge every time. More