Kiss that Kills [Review]

The premise was interesting! The leads could go back to the past with just a kiss. Yes, time slip plot is overused in movieland and dramaland but no one ever done it with a kiss! It picked up my interest right away. I watch J-dramas occasionally so I’m not familiar with anyone except Kento Yamazaki (our leading male, Otaro). I’m also not familiar with how Japan does its dramas but overall I’m glad I picked this one up.


No Longer Heroine/ ヒロイン失格 [ Movie Review]


“In this world, we’re all our very own, individual heroine.” – Hatori Matsuzaki (No Longer Heroine) More

JINX!!! [Movie Review]

JINX!!! [Movie Review]

Few weeks after Death Note ended I caught this fever called Yamazaki Kento fever and so I checked out Kento’s past works. That’s why I ended up watching L.DK and Jinx!!! Both are entertaining enough and different from one another. L.DK is a romance movie meanwhile Jinx is more about friendship. More