Finished Dramas in 2020 Roundup

I watched significantly more dramas this year than last year but I don’t have enough time to draft review for each drama I watch. I usually don’t post it and don’t even put up the drama title on “review page”. But this year I want to document every single drama I watch so even if I drop it or I finish all ep but can’t write full review I want to document these dramas too in this blog. So I came up with this idea of having a roundup post instead! So this post is the summary of dramas I’ve watched in 2020 that I have not and will not post a dedicated review.

This post is a part of my year end series. The series will consist of 3 posts; dropped dramas in 2020 roundup, finished dramas in 2020 roundup, and best OST in 2020. Now, shall we start? (ps, dramas are listed based on their airing period)


Quote of the Week

“I realized then, that a good dream only makes me feel more miserable after waking up. Maybe, I should never have dreamed a happy dream in the first place.” – Do Min Joon (You Who Came From the Stars)


My Love From Another Star OST download

My Love From Another Stars aka You Who Came From Stars ended has come to an end. It created such a phenomenon in Asia especially in China. The two leads landed many CFs after that too, oh well Jun Ji Hyun is always a CF queen alongside the fabulous Kim Yuna. If you want to download all tracks from the drama, then you have found the right place!

DL here -> (4shared link)
Re-up by me, RedLiff.


Have a great day, everyone! =)