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Wu Bai & China Blue –牽掛(On My Mind/Care)

Wu Bai & China Blue –牽掛(On My Mind/Care) iagw

Finally have a chance to write a post again! This post is different compared to my other post. This called Music of the Week! I’m thinking about making this a weekly topic but I don’t think I can keep it up since I only listen to my fav singers’s songs and OSTs. I’m that type of person who doesn’t want to listen to songs sung by singers that I don’t know especially rookies. Until that song becomes a phenomenon I most likely won’t listen to it LOL. But once I love a song, even if it’s not from my fav singers, I will listen to it all day long.

Wu Bai is a Taiwanese rocker and songwriter also one of the biggest rock stars in Mandarin-language music industry. He is labeled as More