Where Stars Land (dropped)

Where Stars Land (dropped)

“Sometimes, things that can’t be explained by common sense happen like miracles to people.” – Yang Seo Koon (Where Stars Land)


Phantom Detective [Movie Review]


I have high hopes with Phantom Detective aka Hong Gil Dong since Lee Je Hoon is the lead male. As expected of Lee Je Hoon More

Kang Dong Won for ELLE Korea May 2016

Let me catch my breath. ELLE Korea posted a picture on their instagram two days ago and revealed that Kang Dong Won will be the cover of their May 2016 issue! As someone who’s extremely hungry for the actor, I couldn’t help but squealed! At first I thought it was a throwback because it looks really outdated or is it just me?

So far ELLE More

Signal/시그널 [Drama Review]


“Each handcuff holds 2.5L of tears.” – Lee Jae Han (Signal) More

Signal [First Impression]

How to even start with this one?!!! Signal (시그널) is nothing but perfection so far. I don’t regret live-watching this show because it means that I’m not being left out. Signal is thriller-crime-suspense-whatever it is, the drama is going to keep you at the edge of your seat for 60 minutes straight! I was already excited at the casting lineup because, hey, we have Kim Hye Soo and Jo Jin Woong here. For that alone, the script is guaranteed to be something out of this world. Then they threw in Lee Je Hoon and great supporting casts, I AM IN! More

Secret Door [review]

Secret Door [review]

secret door poster 2

“No matter how small the king’s voice is, everyone can hear it. But no matter how loud the citizen’s voices are, no one can hear them. That’s why they gather. They have to band together for anyone to take notice they’re talking.” – Sado


Secret Door [first impression]

Secret Door [first impression]

secret door poster 1

And SBS is finally back with sageuk HORRAY!!!! Secret Door is SBS’s first sageuk drama this year and my expectation is really high.  It’s set to be 24-episode-drama which tells a new story behind Prince Sado and his father, also about conflicts and murders surrounding them. Secret Door  takes over Temptation’s time slot and the first episode aired last night, 140922. More