Dropped Dramas in 2020 Roundup


Because Namoo Actors Loves Lee Jun Ki So Much!


It seems that Namoo Actors loves Lee Jun Ki so much. It shows by the amount of videos Namoo Actors uploaded onto their official youtube channel to promote his currently airing drama, Scholar Who Walks The Night. Lee Jun Ki is probably their golden child since Korea loves both his looks and acting skills. Lee Jun Ki is unbeatable when it comes to sageuk. He does all of his fighting scenes himself too, he’s one of the very rare actors who does not use stunt double.

Namoo Actors so far has uploaded 8 videos related to Scholar when it’s only 4 eps aired so far. More

Joseon Gunman posters & first impression

FINALLY ANOTHER SAGEUK DRAMA AAAHHHHHH. As a big fan of sageuk, the last 2 months were a torture for me because no sageuk was released. MBC disappointed me because Mon Tue 22:00 was supposed to be the time slot for sageuk but they changed the pattern. After Empress Ki ended its run on April I was hoping there’s going to be another sageuk drama to replace it but Triangle /that is not a sageuk/ was set to fill the time slot. Triangle is going to be replaced by Night Watchman’s Journal /a sageuk!/ later on July though.

My torture has finally come to an end!!!!!!!!!!! Joseon Gunman finally aired its first episode 2 days ago!!!!! KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! I’m a fan of Lee Jun Ki and I was so excited when the news first broke out, trust me, you guys just cannot imagine how excited and happy I was, simply because it’s been awhile since Two Weeks ended and he went on a tour but there was almost no news of him at all during his tour. But finally, one of the best actors is back to the small screen yay ♥♥♥ More

Arang and the Magistrate caps

arang official poster

“There are so many things you cannot calculate in this world.” – Jade Emperor


Two Weeks [review]

Two Weeks [review]

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“Human are the scariest things in the world.” – Granny (from ep 3)


Some touching and favorite scenes from Two Weeks

tw4 @

“People don’t kill using their knife. They kill using their tongues.” – Congresswoman Jo