Joseon Magician/The Magician/조선마술사 [Movie Review]



Did the movie surprise me like a magic? Yes. The magic show in the movie was really extravagant I must say. Did the OTP look good together? No. Noona-dongsaeng vibe was too strong that I just couldn’t focus on the romance.

As a comeback movie of Yoo Seung Ho I had a lot of expectations. I liked the cinematography but other than that? Hmm. The movie fell short of my expectations. The movie didn’t really hit me hard despite the great idea behind it. Why? Keep reading. More

“Because I’m A Doctor” – Prof Han

I couldn’t help but hated Prof Han (played by Ha Suk Jin) because he always rejected boom-ticking patients. He had bad impression but in ep 14 I looked at him in different light. This is a post about that one scene that made me changed my opinion about him. AN APPRECIATION POST!!!!  More