The King: Eternal Monarch [Short Review]

“When it’s fate, there are no coincidences. It is inevitable by nature. But when you realize its meaning, it’s always too late.” – Jeong Tae Eul


Innisfree’s -super- mini drama “Summer Love” with Lee Min Ho and SNSD’s Yoona

I’m a fan of Innisfree because their products seem really friendly with the earth and we all know their quality is really good. ┬áThe brand promotes natural and eco-friendly products which i really like this concept. They seems to be the only k-beauty brand which promotes eco-friendly and natural products really heavily More

Quote of the Week

“Friends can be potential enemies. Because they know too much about each other.” – Kim Tan (the Heirs)


“Hyung, why you really hate me?” – The Heirs ep 14

Hay i’m back! i dont know why i’m doing this, I’m super lazy when it comes to screencap-ing dramas that i watch at the moment but i guess the Heirs is one of the exceptions? kkkk. I’m back with more caps from ep 14. Not from all scenes.


You Look Poor – the Heirs ep 13

I DIDNT EXPECT THE HEIRS WOULD BE THIS EXCITING. I was hesitating /really hesitating/ watching this at first because of the cheap storyline then after watching 2 eps i thought i could finish this drama. I just hope i won’t drop this lol

i love the outfits throughout the show so far, rly display how chaebols dress themselves up. But what’s up with Park Shin Hye (Eun Sang)’s outfits? She supposed to be a poor girl right? But i see half of her outfits are pretty expensive.