Lee Soo Hyuk Has Enlisted?!

When scrolling down my twitter timeline today while crying internally over my poor favorite group, I stumbled upon a tweet about the new photo of Lee Soo Hyuk in his training camp. I was so shocked because I didn’t know he enlisted on August 10th. Am I the only one who doesn’t know this?

He’s currently at the training camp for 5 weeks to receive basic army training. After that he will be dispatched to his assigned role as a public service worker. Lee Soo Hyuk will discharge on August 9th 2019. Anyway, when is Lee Seung Gi coming out? It’s not even 2 years but it feels he’s enlisting for 3 years already ㅋㅋㅋ

The Stranger Living In Our House [First Impression]


The Stranger Living In Our House aka Sweet Stranger And Me aired its first episode on October, 24th and tonight will mark its 5th episode. I know that the casting news shocked everyone. I was really shocked at first too, trust me. Someone like Soo Ae (playing as Hong Na Ri), who is a A-list actress would act along Kim Young Kwang (as Go Nan Gil) and Lee Soo Hyuk (as Kwon Duk Bong). I was afraid this drama would flop and taint Soo Ae’s acting resume. I was even afraid those ignorant newbies to kdramas would think Soo Ae’s some third-rate actress. Seeing it from many different perspective, I still don’t understand why Soo Ae and her agency took this offer. But, rice has become porridge already. Nothing can be re-done. One thing for sure, them three are slaying! And that’s what matters the most. More

Heart Attack Oppas (2015)

The second year end post is hereeeeeeeeeeeeee. This post is dedicated to all handsome, charming, hot af, heart-throbbing male actors who graced the small screen in 2015!!!! I had a very very very great time while writing this post. Just like the previous year end post which is Best OST of 2015, I had a hard time picking only the best oppas to make it to the final post. There are just so many great actors this year. And what made it even harder was, everyone is so handsome T_T My fangirl soul is awakened after so long. More