Doctors/닥터스 [Full Review]


“You were born into this world, so why not live a special life?” – Yoo Hye Jung’s Grandma (Doctors)

I’m one of the very few people who don’t understand the Doctors hype even after watching all 20 episodes. Kind of saddening because I want to be a part of those who think highly of Doctors. I gave Doctors a chance after reading positive comments about it from K and I viewers. I downloaded all 20 episodes in one go few months ago but only able to finish it yesterday. I quite liked the show and I think the production was pretty high quality even though some things just didn’t sit well with me. I did marathon a few episodes in one sitting, really proud of myself.

Now, shall we start? 🙂 More

To Those Messed Up Idols Out There

Some idols are just ungrateful and stupid. They make the same mistake over and over again even though they know their action could lead the whole nation to hate them. As a fan of idols, sometimes I’m tired watching them do stupid things again and again. That’s why I rarely “clean up” their mess. It’s their fault, not mine. Why should I go around the internet and write “on behalf of the fandom and him, I’m sorry” LOL like I don’t have my own life. Fanwar is not my thing. I’ll defend my oppa if he’s right and is blamed for things he didn’t do but if it’s his fault then why should I? I’m a clever and unbiased fangirl *hides in the corner*

Cheese In The Trap [Review]



I highly enjoyed this drama!! It certainly had flaws but the greatness overshadowed the bad. I don’t read the manhwa since it’s too long and too time consuming (I’m a very impatient person) so let me review this as a standalone drama rather than manhwa-adaptation drama.

Ps, I’m going to address the drama’s full name, Cheese In The Trap as CITT for the rest of this post. More