What Do We Have In Market?

What do we have in market? So many currently airing dramas that has my eyes on them because either I just like them or the positive comments they have. I have a hard time picking a drama to watch because there are so many dramas but so little time.

I have 6 dramas that I’m really interested in and a little update of my watching list <3. Now, shall we? More

My Beautiful Bride: A Confession

I’ve been meaning to watch My Beautiful Bride ever since its first episode aired but I was really busy during those days and I couldn’t keep up with everything. At the end, I missed the live-watching this drama. As far as I know, it hasn’t ended, right? It’s supposed to be 16-episode drama. It is really different from OCN’s previous dramas that usually only have 10 or 11 episode.

There are three major reasons why I want to watch My Beautiful Bride, which are: More