Quote of the Week

“I need to be happy so people around me can be happy too.” – Han Mi Mo (One More Happy Ending)


My Love for “One More Happy Ending” ep 13 & 14

I was a little disappointed with One More Happy Ending ep 11 and 12 because they didn’t really meet my expectation but ep 13 was surprisingly great. Maybe because Han Mi Mo (played by Jang Na Ra) and Song Soo Hyuk (played by Jung Kyung Ho) finally got together. Don’t forget the fact that they looked extremely great together here. There are many scenes that I like from ep 13 and 14 and I wish I could upload all of my caps but it’s pretty impossible. I have almost 100 caps! This is my newest record.  More

One More Happy Ending [First Impression]

How EXCITED I am about this drama –One More Happy Ending-. First, it’s rom-com. Second, the posters are so lovely. Third,  Jang Na Ra is the lead. Fourth, Jung Kyung Ho is also the lead! Not going to lie, I love brilliant rom-com. I used More

Wake Up To Reality!

I just watch the second episode of One More Happy Ending and I’m loving More