15 Million Won??!!

Okay, I know that Bubblegum ended its run weeks ago but I really want to do appreciation post. I couldn’t live-watching the drama every week because I was really busy when it was airing. I’ve only live-watched 4 episodes and haven’t pick it up again. I am planning to watch the rest 12 episodes in near future so you can expect me to do another appreciation post. For those who have watched the series, hope this post will remind you a bit of the drama and for those who haven’t, hope my post will help you to decide whether or not picking this up.

Now, this post is about a scene that I like from ep 3, simply because it shows how playful the female lead is, Haeng Ah, played by Jung Ryeo Won. The other two (Lee Dong Wook, Park Hee Bon)’s reactions are priceless too.  More

When I See A Hot, Handsome Oppa

Hong Yi Seul (played by Park Hee Bon) portrays us, women, -or at least me lol- when we see a hot like summer, handsome like a vampire, perfect perfect perfect Oppa. The cap is from ep 2 of the drama she’s currently in, Bubblegum. In this scene, she met Lee Dong Wook‘s character, Park Ri Hwan for the first time and is mesmerized by his warmth and gentleness. Just to let you know, if you haven’t checked this one out, Lee Dong Wook is very adorable here! Don’t forget, he’s very handsome too omg my eyes are blessed every week T_T More