OST of the Week

To continue last week’s OST, this week’s OST is still from the same drama (You Are Beautiful, SBS, 2009) the song is called Promise. DO NOT LIE TO ME THAT YOU DON’T KNOW THIS SONG I KNOW YOU’VE LISTENED TO THIS SONG AT LEAST ONCE IN YOUR LIFETIME. Pardon the capslock I’m too excited. The whole OST list of this drama is actually really nice. The songs don’t sound tacky even now. I do recommend you to check it out. The complete setlist is avail on Spotify. I link the Spotify page below!

OST of the Week

This week’s OST is from an old drama called You Are Beautiful (SBS, 2009) called Still sang by the casts of this drama. Such a famous drama at its time. The popularity was insane! And so that’s why don’t lie to me! You’ve listened to this song at least once in your kdrama watching history. Ah this song brings back so many memories and feels. My my, this also discloses how old I am 😂😂 I’m a fossil 😂😂 Do you know that the entire OST is still on Spotify?! Yes! I link the Spotify link below.

“Sisyphus: The Myth” Drops First Teaser

Sisyphus: The Myth drops its first teaser! This drama will be aired in JTBC every Wed and Thu after Run On. The synopsis is also very interesting. I’m really excited for this one. February, please come faster~~

The Beauty Inside/뷰티 인사이드 [ Movie Review]


MY EYES WERE IN HEAVEN!! HANDSOME GUYS GALORE!!! Usually in a movie/drama there’s only 1 or 2 handsome guys, 4 or 5 max lah. But in this one, wait let me count them first. Agh I lost count. There are too many handsome guys! My eyes were in paradise huhuhuhu More

Doctors/닥터스 [Full Review]


“You were born into this world, so why not live a special life?” – Yoo Hye Jung’s Grandma (Doctors)

I’m one of the very few people who don’t understand the Doctors hype even after watching all 20 episodes. Kind of saddening because I want to be a part of those who think highly of Doctors. I gave Doctors a chance after reading positive comments about it from K and I viewers. I downloaded all 20 episodes in one go few months ago but only able to finish it yesterday. I quite liked the show and I think the production was pretty high quality even though some things just didn’t sit well with me. I did marathon a few episodes in one sitting, really proud of myself.

Now, shall we start? 🙂 More

Pinocchio [review]

PINOCCHIO [review]

 “It’s not good to compare people. Once you start doing that then it’s the end of happiness. And the start of misery.” – Grandpa (Pinocchio)

I didn’t intend to watch Pinocchio at first. I’m not PSH fan and I don’t particullary like LJS too. And as you can see on my “watched + thoughts” page, I am an audience for thriller, politic, action, medical dramas and far far far from a fan of romcom. I do watch romcom but only once in a while to make sure i stay sane after the big amount of heavy dramas i watch lol. But then, why did I decide to watch this? The reason was absolutely ridiculous. Just like Night Watchman case [review here, first impression here], I was bored, had nothing to do, nothing to watch, absolutely I was the free-est human on earth at that time. Then I tried watching episode one and it was good enough to make me think it’d be a good idea to put Pinocchio on my now-watching list. And that’s why I ended up watching the series lol. Seriously, I think having nothing to do is a good idea for me so I can discover and watch dramas that aren’t my style(heavy dramas are so meeeee) More