Quote of the Week

“You said to me before, “Being afraid isn’t a reason to run away.” I wanna say that to you. I want you to stop living in your past scars. You’re allowed to smile and I think it’ll be okay for you to be happy. It’s not your fault that she passed away. It’s not yours, hers, or anyone’s fault. So don’t let the past bother you. It’s not your fault. – Nam Da Jung (Prime Minister and I)”


Quote of the Week

“It might take you back to the beginning, but as long as there is a destination, you will get there someday. It will only a path if someone takes it.” – Nam Da Jung (Prime Minister and I)


Prime Minister and I [review]

Prime Minister and I [review]


“One day, if our fates meet again, if we can have a true beginning, I will hold your hand then. So you have to be well until then. Even though it was a short time, I was happy that I could be with you. – Nam Da Jung


Currently I’m Watchingggggg…..

So! I finally finished watching Two Weeks! Finally! It took me pretty long time to finish watching that, not because the drama was boring but because i was too lazy to spend time to watch drama lmao. Prime Minister and I also ended its run few days ago and I also have finished watching it yesterday. I finished my Time Slip, Dr. Jin marathon this morning, yes that’s right, i woke up at 7 am and directly watched it lol. The review of these 3 dramas will be delayed because: 1) I’m freaking lazy 2) My classes start tomorrow which means i won’t have that much free time to sit in front my laptop for such things T_T


I’m currently watching Master’s Sun, the Heirs and I Miss You. Well… I can’t really say i’m watching them lol because it’s been a month i guess since the last time i watched them. Doesn’t mean i drop them, no, I have a principle that i won’t ever drop drama that i pick up. I will surely finish watching them three but just don’t know when. Master’s Sun, I have excuse for this one. The drama is freaking scary, i watched ep 1 and i’m hesitating to watch ep 2. Heirs, well…. i don’t really have excuse for this drama. I Miss You, I’m seriously trying to keep watching this.


Bought Nine dvd last month(also bought Dr. Jin which i just finished :)) so probably i will watch Nine first rather than finishing Master’s Sun, the Heirs and I Miss You.


And if you know good dramas that you think i must watch, you can always tell me by commenting below or mention me on twitter (yall know my twitter), whether it’s new or old dramas but pls read my preference page first. Or if you have question, go ahead, ask me anything(drama related only).


With Love,
RedLiff 🙂

Yoona is a Goddess! Period!

Finished watching Prime Minister and I yesterday. As always, i’m too lazy to write and post a review lol. This post is just an evidence that i actually HAVE WATCHED PM&I (just like this Two Weeks evidence post lol)