A Girl and Three Sweethearts – First Half Review

Have I told you that I’m a fan of Yamazaki Kento? Oh yeah, I have. Looking at the amount of posts about him and his dramas/movies on my blog it’s pretty clear that I adore that guy. I broke my promise to live-watch only 3 dramas. I squeezed in his drama, A Girl and Three Sweethearts into my busy schedule because I WANTED IT WHY PROBLEM? Hahahahahha. Anyway, this is my interim review of Show but I’m just gonna keep this simple and short.

This contains spoilers. I’ve warned you.


Death Note – 2015 [review]

“Any human who uses the Death Note can’t expect to go to Heaven or Hell.” – Ryuk (Death Note 2015)

Japan really loves Death Note a lot. This shows by how many works share the same name and premise. From manga, anime, novel, movie, game, musical and this year a serial television joins the list also don’t forget that the 4th movie will be out next year! More