Miss Hammurabi [Short Review]


“If you’re trying to truly understand someone, put yourself in her shoes. You must become that person.” – Im Ba Reun (Miss Hammurabi)


“The Great Battle” Drops This Month!

The long awaited Jo In Sung‘s new movie, The Great Battle, will hit the theaters next month. The filming took 6 months to complete and another 8 months to finish it up.

Quoted from asianwiki.com the movie is about: More

Update of my holiday-must-watch-dramas list + Thank You Misaeng!

Update of my holiday-must-watch-dramas list + a little update of everything

reset ep 8

My holiday is only two weeks left! Time does fly so fast. It feels it was just yesterday I wrote my “must watch dramas during holiday” post which was more than one month ago but now I only have (LESS than) two weeks left and I don’t know what should I do with my life! I have to enjoy every single second of my holiday because may be next year I won’t be able to have this long holiday anymore. I need to work, need to earn money, be a 9 to 5 employee.

This post is a little update of my holiday-must-watch-dramas list. I’m only posting brief review of every drama I’ve watched so far from that list plus a little update of currently airing dramas that I’m following plus a little update of everything that’s been haunting me since I watched Misaeng. More