Madame Antoine/마담 앙트완 [Drama Review]



“Even when you love someone, you make mistakes sometimes.” – Go Hye Rim (Madame Antoine)


“Madame Antoine” Appreciation Post

With just two episodes left I’m wondering whether or not Madame Antoine will satisfy me or not. Madame Antoine is definitely not the best release so far in 2016 but definitely entertaining. I find myself keep wanting more after watching every episode. I’m addicted to this drama but not going to lie, there are some parts that’s a bit boring and lacking but overall, the drama is entertaining.

First, let me briefly review the drama. The drama More

Madam Antoine [First Impression]

MADAM ANTOINE [First Impression]

So many new dramas so little time to catch up. Many new dramas came out on January. How many is that? 6 new dramas? Crazy! I’m not watching them all. I just pick up several that catch my attention, like Cheese In The Trap, One More Happy Ending, Signal, and Madam Antoine. Speaking about Madam Antoine, this is Madam Antoine First Impression!! The only flaw the drama has is bad time slot. It’s up against Signal and that causes Madam’s viewer ratings keep on decreasing. More