The Empress of China

“The harem is a grand stage.  Everything you see is just an act. No one can be exempted. You can only go all out and put up your best show. Don’t mind what’s ahead as long as you’ll have no regrets in the end.” – Honorable Wei (The Empress of China)

Up to ep 28 The Empress of China is still quite a fun ride for me. I know I’m extremely slow. Few months ago I said I was at 20ish ep, and now I’m only at ep 28. A little bit about it though, drama was frustrating and not logical at some points. But the costumes were so beautiful. Fan Bing Bing looked like a goddess in literally every scene. Some side actors/actresses did overact once in a while and it’s annoying but still bearable for me.

Beside those, The Empress of China was also full of wise quotes especially from Honorable Wei. The above quote from him hit me hard. Now, let me share my interpretation of his quote. More