Let’s Talk About ‘She Was Pretty’ and Some Prediction!!

Scholar Who Walks The Night finally ended its run last week and a highly anticipated drama will replace it this week which is She Was Pretty. I have high expectation on this one since it has Hwang Jung Eum and  Park Seo Joon. Choi Siwon is also here and I really hope that he’ll get more recognition for his acting since he’s great.

Since Siwon is a part of Super Junior and since Super Junior is my fav group, I follow some SJ fanbases on twitter and those fanbases keep updating about his drama. I’ve seen/watched all of the posters/teasers which is very rare for me to do since I don’t want to be bother by it. And earlier today this video popped up on my twitter timeline. It’s a, idk how to call it. A highlight trailer??? The video is really hilarious. Hwang Jung Eum is fantastic, Park Seo Joon is very charming and I’m in love with the drama already. It’s Tuesday night so the drama will air tomorrow night on MBC and I hope the sub will be out by Thursday morning so I can watch it before going to campus ehehhehe.

Since Scholar Who Walks The Night’s rating for its last ep was More

‘Yong Pal’ Drops First Trailer


I’m not a fan of teasers since I hate to be reminded that a new drama is arriving especially when it’s going to replace my fav drama. But I guess I really can’t wait to watch this up-coming drama called Yong Pal even though that drama will replace my currently favorite drama, Mask. Yong Pal has all of my attention since the day they announced that Kim Tae Hee and Joo Won would be the leads. I’m a fan of both and I eagerly look forward to watching it. Don’t forget that we have God’s Gift -14 Days director and Reset scriptwriter working together behind the screen for this highly anticipated drama. More