“W” Appreciation Post

With ending tonight in Korea, there’s nothing else I feel than emptiness. Show managed to make me at the edge of my seat every week. Show also played with my heart and brain and I’m gonna miss it all starting next week! Let’s not talk about the plot, the music, and all here, after all, this is only an appreciation post. I’m going to talk about it all later on my review post. Make sure to stay tune and read it. Will post it on the weekend! For now, let’s enjoy this appreciation post! 🙂


My Most Anticipated Dramas in the Second Half of 2016

The second half of 2016 offers us a ton of worth watching dramas and I am so ready to watch them. Of course not all of them since I’m super picky but I promise to watch at least 3 of them. Some are “meh” for me but there are also dramas that I’m so excited for! Here are my top 3 dramas that I can’t wait to watch! More