Because There’s No “Too Much Drama” In My Dictionary

Whoaaaaaaaaaaaa. I’m currently in my low season meaning my job is not as hectic as it was during December-April, I CAN NOW START CATCHING UP ALL DRAMAS THAT I MISSED BECAUSE OF MY JOB YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.

Ok the thing is, even before my hiatus I already missed so many dramas. I still have not finished Bubblegum oh my gosh. I used to live-watching it but as the episode went on it got boring and I just stopped following it. But as a big fan of Lee Dong Wook, I, up to this day, still insist on finishing that one boring piece drama. I know I only have 3 months (up to August) to fully invest my time in watching dramas, and seeing the amount of dramas on my waiting list just hurts me on spiritual level. But…. here is the full list of those dramas that I want to start watching, sorted by their airing year. More