A Girl and Three Sweethearts [Drama Review]


“It’s really tough liking someone, huh? Thinking about them can make you happy, cry, laugh, angry, and upset. But love is supposed to be a rollercoaster of emotions like that, don’t you think?” – Touma Shibakasi (A Girl and Three Sweethearts)

I don’t know from where should I talk about this cute drama because I really don’t know! I feel bad for putting the review on hold for weeks since the ending of the drama. I couldn’t make time. I couldn’t get inspiration to write review LOL. But the time for me to review this drama has come!!

Just like the typical Japanese drama (that I watch), A Girl And Three Sweethearts is (supposed to be) More

A Girl and Three Sweethearts – First Half Review

Have I told you that I’m a fan of Yamazaki Kento? Oh yeah, I have. Looking at the amount of posts about him and his dramas/movies on my blog it’s pretty clear that I adore that guy. I broke my promise to live-watch only 3 dramas. I squeezed in his drama, A Girl and Three Sweethearts into my busy schedule because I WANTED IT WHY PROBLEM? Hahahahahha. Anyway, this is my interim review of Show but I’m just gonna keep this simple and short.

This contains spoilers. I’ve warned you.


JINX!!! [Movie Review]

JINX!!! [Movie Review]

Few weeks after Death Note ended I caught this fever called Yamazaki Kento fever and so I checked out Kento’s past works. That’s why I ended up watching L.DK and Jinx!!! Both are entertaining enough and different from one another. L.DK is a romance movie meanwhile Jinx is more about friendship. More

L♥DK – Movie Review

L♥DK – Movie Review

The very first movie review!!! I promised to also blog about movies and here I am fulfilling my promise and the first movie to be reviewed is called L♥DK aka L.DK aka Love Cohabitation. The movie is adapted from a shoujo manga with the same name by Watanabe Ayu that’s until now still ongoing. If you’re curious about the manga you can google it and find the English scanlation online up to 50th chapter. Of course buying the physical manga is still very recommended. More

Death Note – 2015 [review]

“Any human who uses the Death Note can’t expect to go to Heaven or Hell.” – Ryuk (Death Note 2015)

Japan really loves Death Note a lot. This shows by how many works share the same name and premise. From manga, anime, novel, movie, game, musical and this year a serial television joins the list also don’t forget that the 4th movie will be out next year! More