Innisfree’s -super- mini drama “Summer Love” with Lee Min Ho and SNSD’s Yoona

I’m a fan of Innisfree because their products seem really friendly with the earth and we all know their quality is really good.  The brand promotes natural and eco-friendly products which i really like this concept. They seems to be the only k-beauty brand which promotes eco-friendly and natural products really heavily More

Quote of the Week

“It might take you back to the beginning, but as long as there is a destination, you will get there someday. It will only a path if someone takes it.” – Nam Da Jung (Prime Minister and I)


Prime Minister and I [review]

Prime Minister and I [review]


“One day, if our fates meet again, if we can have a true beginning, I will hold your hand then. So you have to be well until then. Even though it was a short time, I was happy that I could be with you. – Nam Da Jung


Yoona is a Goddess! Period!

Finished watching Prime Minister and I yesterday. As always, i’m too lazy to write and post a review lol. This post is just an evidence that i actually HAVE WATCHED PM&I (just like this Two Weeks evidence post lol)