My Beautiful Bride: A Confession

I’ve been meaning to watch My Beautiful Bride ever since its first episode aired but I was really busy during those days and I couldn’t keep up with everything. At the end, I missed the live-watching this drama. As far as I know, it hasn’t ended, right? It’s supposed to be 16-episode drama. It is really different from OCN’s previous dramas that usually only have 10 or 11 episode.

There are three major reasons why I want to watch My Beautiful Bride, which are:

  1. O C N. It’s a series from OCN whose dramas -almost- always blow me away. I have extremely high standard when it comes to dramas from OCN and most of time it satisfy my noir thirst.
  2. It’s supposed to be dark, noir, crime, with lot of action scenes. My type!
  3. The scriptwriter! Yoo Sung Yeol-nim has an amazing work under his (I’m assuming that the writer is a guy judging from his name, Sung Yeol) belt which is Heartless City aka the brilliant Cruel City. Heartless City is a masterpiece in my eye. Of course Heartless City has its flaws but as far as I remember the only flaw it has is that awkward bed scene that Paksa and So Min have. It is dead awkward! Again, Heartless City is an amazing drama and you won’t be able to hate it no matter how much you try, so I’m eagerly looking forward to watching My Beautiful Bride hoping the writer can give me something greater or at least as great as Heartless City.

Of course the post is not complete without telling you the reasons why I ended up shelving  the series for 5 weeks already.

  1. Go Sung Hee. She’s not very terrible in acting but she’s not good either. She was plain stiff and sucked big time in Miss Korea. She was annoying in The Night Watchmen’s Journal and there’s something about her that I just don’t like.
  2. Lee Si Young. I’m not very familiar with her acting. The only work of hers that I know is Playfull Kiss. And she didn’t leave any strong impression with her performance. Judging from the promotional poster and synopsis, she’s probably the female lead who has many scenes but she’s still not lead material in my eye so I really hope with this drama she can WOW me so I can see her in different light.
  3. The scriptwriter. WHAT?! Even though the writer holds 80% of the total of 100% (it coming from OCN hold 15% and the cast lineup holds 5%) why I want to watch the drama but the scriptwriter is also the reason why I’m approaching My Beautiful Bride hesitantly. Like what happened to writer Choi Ho Chul (Secret, Mask). He wrote a super makjang yet wonderful drama called Secret but his recent work, Mask, is a headdesking drama. It’s makjang and…. makjang. It loses its essence just after first few episodes aired and at some episodes, it is boring and very weak compared to Secret. I just don’t want to have a memory of Yoo Sung Yeol being a suck writer if -just in case- My Beautiful Bride happens to be like Mask. Heartless City will remain as one of my favorite dramas of all time though.

I really have high expectations for My Beautiful Bride since it has my two favorite things in the dramaland, OCN and the great scriptwriter. And I just want to tell you that I watched the first episode two days ago and it blew me away. The first 9 minutes is very intense, just what I’m asking for from a noir drama. It’s moving in LTE speed and I’m loving every single thing so far.

The casts.

The story.

The camerawork.

The supenseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

You can expect me to catch up on the series in two weeks. Two weeks is the fastest I can do especially with my real life activities that I’m not just working offline (internship, come to the office) but also online (I have an online shop you guys) plussss college will start real soon.

Really looking forward to watching the next episodes because the first episode is just very good. So far, OCN’s best dramas EVER on my list is Bad Guys and Missing Noir M comes in the second place. With a very intriguing pilot episode I can see that My Beautiful Bride will rank high once I finish it. Stealing Missing Noir M’s crown? Or maybe Bad Guys’ crown? Who knows!

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